In modern terms this Pub to Pub Web-App along the Kennet & Avon Canal Towpath might be called a "Plug-In" to the Web-App Cotswolds-on-the-Tour (at Trip 8) which details touring routes in the Cotswolds OANB.

You may read about THAT Web-App, continue to read about THIS Web-App or Select the Avoncliff Aqueduct above to OPEN this Web-App.

The location is the Avon River Valley from Bath to Bradford-on-Avon and the Walk follows the Canal Towpath for 8.5 miles, stopping 1.4 miles short of Bradford at Avoncliff Aqeduct. The Start Pub is the White Hart and the End Pub is the Cross Guns, with a Train Link back to Bath.

The best way to explain the grandeur of this area is with a FlyOver Video of the Train Link back to Bath but including the Road, River and Canal routes that intertwine literally competing for the best path along the valley.

Of course the Towpath Walk route can also be taken in a boat and one such craft making this trip is the Hotelboat Tranquil Rose where the Skipper puts some WORDS to the video above.

"An interesting and winding set of locks takes us onto the Kennet & Avon Canal, and we continue to cruise along the side of the Avon valley at a high level. We leave Bath through the charming Sydney Gardens and catch glimpses of the magnificent crescents of grand houses, all constructed from local Bath Stone. The scenery is marvellous as the canal clings to the side of the valley, crossing it on magnificent stone aqueducts at Dundas and then Avoncliff."

In fact we were so puzzled as to why the Cotswold Way ends in Bath, rather than continuing along the "Foot" of the Cotswolds to the "Toe" at Bradford, that we added our own such Section as Walk 16 at our Cotswolds-on-the-Foot Web-App (in need of revision but here is the Video for now).

But Pub to Pub is the current incarnation and the Cross Guns Pub is situated as if an ancient Greek Amphitheater with beer gardens cascading down the side of the hill enabling the taking of a beer while watching the Avon gurgle under the Avoncliff Aqueduct and the Canal boats cross high above. And not to forget the equally iconic Avoncliff Station (Request Stop) on the other side of the Avon lovingly topped up with fresh flowers by the proud locals, awaiting your return trip to Bath.

Another bonus is that the Cross Guns have their own Pub to Pub Walk (Two Valleys Walk) linking with the Inn at Freshford and as there is a Train Station at Freshford quite a number of interesting combinations of the two Pub to Pub Walks can be devised - and speaking of "Devises", a longer Walk past Bradford takes you to the amazing Caen Hill Flight at Devizes.